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Power Plus Mobility’s HORIZON Commode is promised to excel in quality and functionality. With heavy-duty material and ensured high quality assembly, our HORIZON is a guarantee that it satisfies your every demand in a commode. Our products will move you in a way that we aim our goals to fulfill any expectations and needs that our customers want in a wheelchair such as our HORIZON.



Seat Heights:

24” Wheels X 5” Casters = 21” Seat to Floor Height

Wheel Self Propelling Wheels:

24” Wheels/ 5”Casters

Warranty: 5 Years On Frame:

1 Year On Components



  • Weight Capacity 250 Lbs
  • 18″ X 18″ Easy to Clean Urethane Seat
  • Finished Seat Height Inc. Seat Is 21″
  • Seat width By Frame 18″
  • Overall Width 20″
  • Rear Axle Receiver Ready
  • Stainless Steel Frame – Water Resistant
  • 20″ Back Height
  • Black Urethane Easy Clean Back Rest
  • Black Molded Sanitary Cover
  • Flip Back Arms
  • Black Urethane Easy To Clean Arm Pads
  • 6″ X 10″ X 14″Large Bucket
  • 4″ X 5″ Rust Resistant Nylon Casters
    (3 Total Locking Casters and 1 Directional Lock Caster)
    Water Proof Headrest 


  • Weight Capacity 500 Lbs
  • 18″ X 18″ Easy to Clean Urethane Seat
  • Seat Width By Frame 20″
  • Seat Width By Frame 20″
  • Overall With 22″
  • Heavy Duty Construction


  • Weight Capacity 750 Lbs
  • 21″ X 18″ Easy to Clean Urethane Seat
  • Seat Width By Frame 22″
  • Overall With 24″
  • Extra Heavy Duty Construction


Made in Canada! We are proud to produce many jobs for hard working Canadians with the business you give us. We are able to continually provide jobs and in return our products help our clients in ways that break down boundaries which were once in place. From the very beginning Power Plus started with the design and assembly of our products in Canada and that process has never changed. We want to thank you for supporting companies like us who believe in local work rather than outsourcing and allowing us to say Power Plus Mobility creates products Made in Canada!


  • 14″ To 20″ Seat Depth
  • 21″ To 26″ Seat Depth
  • 14″ To 17″Seat Width
  • 23″ To 26″Seat Width
  • Custom Back Height
  • Capacity 750 To 1000 Lbs
  • Tension Back
  • Lock Down Flip Back Arms
  • Closed Oval Soft Seat 18″ To 22″
  • Key Hole Soft Seat 18″ To 22″
  • 60° Footrest
  • 70° Footrest
  • 80° Footrest
  • 90° Footrest
  • Elevating Legrest (Not Water Proof)
  • Angle Adjustable Footplates (Not Water Proof)
  • One Piece Footboard
  • Seat Belt (Plastic)

Make your Wheelchair
by your own customizing.

Take charge of your mobility with Power Plus. Our innovative platform lets you tailor your wheelchair to your precise needs and preferences in Canada. Whether it’s adjusting seating, adding specialized features, or enhancing comfort, Power Plus puts customization at your fingertips. Transform your wheelchair into a personalized mobility solution that’s uniquely yours. Experience unparalleled freedom and comfort with Power Plus, offering customizable wheelchairs designed for users across Canada.

Choose your Colour

Express your style with Power Plus Wheelchairs, offering a wide range of custom colors to suit your taste. Our innovative designs allow you to select from a variety of vibrant hues, ensuring your wheelchair reflects your personality. With an extensive selection of customizable colors, Power Plus provides a unique touch to your mobility experience. Explore our options and make your wheelchair truly yours. Discover the ultimate customization with leading wheelchair manufacturers in Canada.


Power Plus Mobility advanced machinery specializes in manufacturing custom parts to customers specifications from either a drawing or a sample. The parts we manufacture could be simple or more complex and can be manufactured in small or large quantities. Contact your local sales representative with your specifications.


Founded in December 2002, Power Plus Mobility is a proud Canadian brand with the sole aim of providing clients, both local and international, with quality wheelchairs and accessories. Being a customer-oriented firm, the needs of our clients rank high on our list of priorities.

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