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At Power Plus Mobility, we guarantee an exceptional experience for our clients. Our commitment is to deliver products that genuinely empower you, ensuring your journey is truly enriched.

What is a Manual Wheelchair?

A manual wheelchair is considered a more old-fashioned approach to a wheelchair; without the need for engines.

A sturdy device consisting of a large rear wheelchair enables its bearer or his/her companion to guide the chair forward as they desire. Perfectly suitable for both indoors and outdoors, the right manual wheelchair is one of our most sought-after products.

What you should look for when buying the perfect manual wheelchair. Size of the wheelchair

The most important feature when buying the right wheelchair is its weight. A lighter wheelchair is more portable when compared to one that is unnecessarily heavy. The ideal weight of a manual wheelchair should not exceed 40 lbs.

The right seat.

The size of the wheelchair plays another important role when considering the portability and mobility factors of a wheelchair. Wheelchair seats come in a range of sizes categorized as narrow, medium, or wide seated. However, it is crucial to consider comfort as well when picking out the right seat; regardless of its size.

A narrow wheelchair is usually 16 inches wide and is best recommended for users under the weight of 120 lbs.

A medium wheelchair is usually 18 inches wide and is best recommended for users between the weights of 120 lbs to 300 lbs.

A wide wheelchair is usually 20 inches wide and is best recommended for users over the weight of 300 lbs.

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The Right Armrest.

It isn’t uncommon for a manual wheelchair to be utilized with a removable or flip-back armrest; enabling its user to get in and out of their wheelchair with ease. Power Plus Mobility takes great care in considering the comforts of our clients when recommending a product to them. We recommend the flip-back armrest to our clients whenever they consider buying a manual wheelchair.

Wheelchair armrests usually come in two distinctive lengths. We provide the short armrest more commonly referred to as “Desk length”. This specific type of armrest enables its user to move closer to a desk; allowing them to work or eat without discomfort. The longer armrests are referred to as “full length” and provide more support to a user in regards to getting in and out of a wheelchair.


Most manual wheelchairs have the ability to be folded; making it easier to be carried around and transported via the backseat of an automobile or to be stored in a closet at home or work. A prime example of convenience on wheels from our catalogue is our Glyder Folding Wheelchair.

If a user sits in a wheelchair for more than 2 hours per day, we recommend equipping your wheelchair with a cushion to provide more comfort. We, at Power Plus Mobility, will gladly accept any custom order requesting specific elements contributing to the comfort of our clients.

Most leg rests on manual wheelchairs can easily be detached; this enables the user to be transferred with ease. This also enables the wheelchair to be fitted in more compactable spaces, making it storage efficient. Leg rests are adjustable as well; users can shorten or lengthen their wheelchairs leg rests to a level preferred by them.


Made in Canada! We are proud to produce many jobs for hard working Canadians with the business you give us. We are able to continually provide jobs and in return our products help our clients in ways that break down boundaries which were once in place. From the very beginning Power Plus started with the design and assembly of our products in Canada and that process has never changed. We want to thank you for supporting companies like us who believe in local work rather than outsourcing and allowing us to say Power Plus Mobility creates products Made in Canada!

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