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Quality Wheelchairs and Seats for you

Power plus Mobility Inc. is a proudly Canadian company and was founded in December of 2002. If you are a client who is looking for quality wheelchairs; you have stopped at the right place. Our commitment is to give you the most trending products in the market to help our end users with quality wheelchairs and wheelchair accessories.

Above all, we guarantee to give you with the latest quality wheelchairs. Producing the most effective seating systems for wheelchairs, and we guarantee your satisfaction. We provide you with the best help from giving you the best product and from time to time; we make sure our research and development team continually improve our products suitable for the world trends.


What are our services?

As a proudly Canadian company, we specialize in design, manufacturing and assemble parts according to the needs of our customers. We produce what our customers needs. We are always responsible for manufacturing both simple and complex parts with a quantity you need small or large. Therefore, all of our products are fully customization for you and your clients’ needs.

Our Capability

As we mentioned before, our main role is to provide customers with the best quality wheelchairs for their needs. But our work is not just a simple process. We are able to provide a large variety of customization for your products because we have our in-house manufacturing facility that are listed below but not limited to:

We ensure the customer's satisfaction, which is why we provide the best service in the industry and continuing to lead it for many years. Customers are our value, and we provide the best quality in the industry. Our products go through a quality control system to make sure you get the best product in the best possible manner before we ship it to your location.

How do we Operate?

Above all, our assembly on parts are originally done in Canada. We have got an excellent experience in the field to ensure the quality of our work. In addition, our staff is fully experienced and provides the best service in this industry.

We are 100% sure to give you our products with a high delivery service. In addition, we make sure to save our quality by manufacturing the wheelchairs with quality. We use the feedback you give us to fix any kind of problems we may have to improve or fix. Therefore, your opinion is very useful to us as it makes our products perfect.

In addition, we keep inventing the products, building them, and continuously making sure to reinvent products to provide clients' needs effectively.



What will Customers get from us? Welcome Home!

Above all at Power Plus Mobility, we take customer service seriously, and we provide you with the best we can offer. The quality wheelchair. Power Plus Mobility assures our customers needs are fulfilled, and we consider our end users close to our heart.

Without our customers, we will be nothing in the world. So customers are our value. We highly appreciate our customer satisfaction and all the work we have done to our clients, we look forward to strengthening that ties and to provide exceptional service moving forward. Our slogan was changed to β€œWelcome Home!” for this very reason. We want our clients to feel like they are home when they work with us.

Our customers are influencing us every day. They broaden our ideas on what we should fulfill to them, and that is the greatest opportunity we get. We are always looking forward to impressing our customers by giving what they want. We will never break your trust in our brand. In conclusion, Power Plus Mobility will make sure to keep our duty on assembling quality wheelchairs with the greatest effort that our customers expect from us.

Our guarantee is for you to move, and that is our greatest pleasure to give for our most valuable end users.

Quality Wheelchairs

What are we? Canadians who pride themselves as Canadians. We are working very hard with hardworking Canadians to do our business with quality products like quality wheelchairs and accessories. Power Plus Mobility is truly grateful to have our business here in Canada and we excited give you the best.

Making our dealers and clients happy with what they are asking for. We started our process in Canada with designing and assembling, it has never changed.

Proudly Canadian Manufacturer

Power Plus Mobility is a proudly Canadian wheelchair manufacturer. We provide FREE education based training and up-to-date information in the wheelchair industry. Click here to join our newsletter to keep updated with FREE training and giveaways! If you wish to schedule a free

Wheelchair Manufacturer in Ontario, Canada

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