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The wheelchair seat-to-floor configurator simplifies the process by focusing on two key inputs: the desired seat-to-floor height and the type of wheelchair. With this information, the configurator provides users with a range of suitable options tailored to their needs when ordering a wheelchair. Users begin by selecting the type of wheelchair they require, whether it’s a manual or tilt wheelchair. Then, they input their preferred seat-to-floor height, considering factors such as comfort, stability, and mobility requirements. Based on these inputs, the configurator generates a list of compatible wheelchair along with their corresponding seat-to-floor height options. Users can then choose the wheelchair configuration that best fits their preferences and requirements when placing their order. This streamlined process ensures that users can easily find the right wheelchair with the appropriate seat-to-floor height, simplifying the ordering experience and helping them make informed decisions about their mobility equipment.

Choose the type of Chair:

Seat To Floor Requried:

NOTE: Please note that all STF listed in this section is based on no seat pan. Select a chair type and STF to see if there is a compatibility.

Our mission

Founded in December 2002, Power Plus Mobility is a proud Canadian brand with the sole aim of providing clients, both local and international, with quality wheelchairs and accessories. Being a customer-oriented firm, the needs of our clients rank high on our list of priorities. A varied product range allows a customer to choose from an assortment of comfortable and timeless wheelchairs that follow current market trends, making Power Plus Mobility a one-stop shopping experience and a brand of choice.
Staying true to our goal of providing the utmost comfort, our research and development team continues to work hard to assemble wheelchairs more comfortable than the last; meeting international standards that enable us to ship our wheelchairs worldwide.

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