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    Manual Wheelchair Buying Guide

    How to choose the right manual wheelchair

    Dec 7, 2020
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    Glyder Manual Wheelchair

    What is a manual wheelchair?

    A manual wheelchair consists of a large rear wheelchair that allows the user to propel themselves as well as have someone to push them when needed. It's a good chair to use indoor as well as outdoors.

    What should you look for when buying a manual wheelchair?

    The most important feature of a wheelchair is the weight of the wheelchair. The lighter the wheelchair is the easier it is for someone to carry it. A good recommendation for a manual wheelchair weight would be less than 40lbs.

    Size of the wheelchair

    The other important factor one should think about before buying a manual wheelchair is the size. How do you choose the size of a manual wheelchair? Wheelchair seats come in many different sizes. We can categorize these seat sizes as narrow, medium and wide seat sizes.

    Narrow wheelchair. These wheelchairs are usually 16inches wide. They are best for users under 120 lbs of weight.
    Medium wheelchair: These are wheelchairs that are 18 inches wide. These are for users that weight between 120lbs to 300lbs.
    Wide Wheelchair: These wheelchairs are 20 inches wide. These are for users that weight over 300lbs.

    Types of Armrest

    Most wheelchairs come with a removable or flip back arm rest making it easy for the user to get in and out of the manual wheelchair. The recommended type of armrest by Power Plus Mobility is the flip back arm rest.

    Wheelchair Armrests come in two different lengths. We have the shorter armrest which is also called the Desk length. Desk length armrests allow the user to move closer to the desk so they can either eat or work. The longer armrest are also called the full length. Full length armrests give you more support when you get in or out of the wheelchair.

    Wheelchair Convinience

    Is your manual wheelchair foldable?

    Most manual wheelchairs fold. It should be compact enough for you to fit it in any automobile or in a closet at home or work. A good example of this is our Glyder Folding Wheelchair.

    Making your wheelchair more comfortable

    If you are a user that sits in the wheelchair more than two hours a day, it is recommended to get a cushion and back to make your wheelchair custom and more comfortable.

    Leg rests on a manual wheelchair

    Most leg rests are removable. This allows for easy transfer of user as well as a compact storing area when not used. They are also adjustable so it can be shorten or lengthen according to the users requirement.

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