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Who are we?

Founded in December 2002, Power Plus Mobility is a proud Canadian brand with the sole aim of providing clients, both local and international, with quality wheelchairs and accessories. Being a customer-oriented firm, the needs of our clients rank high on our list of priorities. A varied product range allows a customer to choose from an assortment of comfortable and timeless wheelchairs that follow current market trends, making Power Plus Mobility a one-stop shopping experience and a brand of choice.

Staying true to our goal of providing the utmost comfort, our research and development team continues to work hard to assemble wheelchairs more comfortable than the last; meeting international standards that enable us to ship our wheelchairs worldwide.


What do we do?

With customer comfort and personal satisfaction as a top priority, Power Plus Mobility specializes in designing, manufacturing, and assembling the parts needed to create a wheelchair tailored to the requirements of our clientele. Our staple is to make sure that you, as a customer, experience nothing but comfort and smooth mobility when using a Power Plus Mobility wheelchair.

Each one of our products undergoes rigorous quality control measures before it is released. From a custom with intricate details and specifications to bulk orders that require mass production, we at Power Plus Mobility take full responsibility for any matters regarding the quality of our products.

In short, a customer is never forced to pick between quantity or quality as we as a brand, guarantee that products manufactured by us will incorporate both these values.

How do we do it?

Our products provide smooth mobility for all a customer’s daily needs, but they undergo a process that’s anything but.

Put simply, the process to produce a Power Plus Mobility approved wheelchair is no easy feat.

As we mentioned before, all our products undergo numerous tedious processes and rigorous quality control checks before being approved for sale. Our methods of cultivating different ways to improve quality or comfort cannot be done in a single day’s worth of work and require a multitude of highly trained individuals in order to be made. Our team puts in countless hours, brainstorming and ideating methods as to how we and the products we make can elevate current customer satisfaction levels.

One of our most popular ways of ensuring a customer’s personal satisfaction is to provide them with the ability to customize their wheelchair; enabling us to make his or her wheelchair exactly the way they wanted. Our in-house manufacturing facility consists of a multitude of stations that enable us to do this; some of them being:

And many more.

How we operate?

Power Plus Mobility’s manufacturing facilities can only be found in Toronto, Canada.

Our teams consist of highly trained and experienced members, handpicked to guarantee Power Plus Mobility’s clientele with quality products. Our reputation as a brand that cares precedes us. We take our clients’ feedback very seriously and make sure that all our products are tailored to the instructions and requirements provided to us; ensuring that our clients receive a perfect product suited to their needs.

In addition to our quality products, we also guarantee a 100% imminent delivery service. Isn’t that amazing?



What do you get as a client?

We probably touched this subject on all the above topics as well, but it doesn’t hurt to say it again.

Power Plus Mobility is the company to go to when you require either a custom-built wheelchair tailored to all your needs or a bulk order of wheelchairs for hospitals, elderly homes, or any other rehabilitation center. We also provide accessories that go with them.

We commend our existing customers for their unwavering loyalty to our brand and would like to extend a hand of gratitude to those who have just decided to purchase a product from us. Without customers choosing to place their faith in our brand, we would have been just a dream that never stepped foot into reality. Our customers continue to inspire us with new ideas and enable us to innovate past our current capabilities as a brand. A client is our greatest asset and we are forever indebted to them.

The reason behind our slogan being “Welcome home!” is simple. We want our product to resonate with its user on a more intimate level. Put simply, a product that feels personal from a company that feels homely.

We look forward to cultivating the relationship we have with our clientele by continuing to provide them with quality products that elevate them.

Purely maple.

We take great pride in being a true Canadian brand. Working hard to provide our clientele with nothing but the best in terms of product and service is our staple. Our teams mainly consist of Canadian citizens with the sole aim of showcasing Canada’s values through the products they manufacture. As a brand, Power Plus Mobility, is truly grateful to conduct our business on Canadian soil. We will continue in our goal to provide our clients with quality products, designed especially for them.

Mobility should not be devoid of comfort. Power Plus Mobility will continue to strive to provide the best products in the market and we will continue to do this without changing our values as a brand from when this was but, just a dream.

Join us in our journey to help elevate those confined to one space.

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