Wheelchair – 10 things to consider before buying

A wheelchair is a given wing for the user who cannot stand for themselves by their own feet. It is merely a device for the mobility purpose for the transportation of the client who cannot walk by injured, disabled, or illness reasons. So a wheelchair helps a person with disability to transport wherever he or she wants without other’s support.

The wheelchair user sits in the chair and controls it by his/her hand or by using an automatic system. It helps a person to more mobile. This device will come to the market in various versions, but there are some primary things to consider when buying one as this is a device you are going to use continuously in your lifetime. So what do you have to consider when choosing a new wheelchair? Let’s find out.

Manual or Power Wheelchair?


The first thing to look for when choosing a wheelchair is its requirement for you. Every person’s medical condition is not the same. Some may find it easier to control his/her wheelchair by using hands adequately, and some may encounter difficulties in moving their hands due to their conditions. For those who got issues in controlling themselves can use Electric devices. That will be the main thing to consider when you buy a new wheelchair and choose either manual or electric based on your conditions.

Measurements on your Body


An adult can’t use children’s wheelchairs. At the same time, children can’t handle a big adult device as usual. So when choosing a new one, consider buying it according to your measurements and find them in Adults, teenagers or Children section on your choice. Consider purchasing a new one that goes 1 to 4cm width than your hips.

Weight of the Wheelchair

As wheelchairs come in different sizes and weights, handling one device can be varied according to the physical strength. Some may find it hard to manage a more weighted device while some may find easiness on weight products. A good example of a light weight chair is our Magic Plus Manual Wheelchair. Weight of the wheelchair will be useful to consider when buying a new one with the perception of its weight.


You may need a wheelchair that can be folded into space or held in the same condition. Consider about your needing capabilities when choosing a wheelchair. A right wheelchair must offer you the facilities you expect from it. So it will be easier to select a new device that can be folded up and kept in a little space. If you need to do sports with it, consider finding a lighter one. It’s up to you for looking for the capabilities you like.

The material of the wheelchair made

A wheelchair is a device that you are going to use in the lifetime of yours. So it must not feel uncomfortable or bad fittings when you use it. In that case, a sheet is playing the leading role. Manual wheelchairs are made out of four types of sheets as

  • Steel
  • Titanium
  • Aluminum
  • Carbon Fiber

Steel sheets are somewhat heavier and with resistant qualities and aluminum ones are the lights, transportable sheets. If you seek for more lightweight, it is better to choose titanium or the carbon fiber ones. The decision has to make by you. Choose what you feel more comfortable and buy what you exactly want.

Surrounding you are going to be

You can’t buy the same ones to both indoor uses and outdoor uses. A wheelchair must be chosen by considering the environment you live in. Urban areas fitted devices may not fit into rural areas. Living in a wet zone, your wheelchair will always be prone to rust, and because of that, the climate should have to be considered when choosing a new one.

The accessories you need

A wheelchair user may be likely to add the features and accessories to his device to find comfort and the developed mobility. The user may need gears, bags or spoke guards in your device and your chosen new on having to be made with the compatibility of them. Customization ability of your wheelchair is a must-include feature for a new one.

Medical Needs and the Diagnoses of yours

Individuals who have the conditions of getting rashes and bedsores by using a wheelchair have to consider them when buying a new one. It is up to your medical counsellor, and you have to choose your device according to his recommendations. When purchasing a new wheelchair, look at whether it has the features your doctor recommended and help you prevent the long-term problems you may cause by your condition.

The wheels

Find whether your wheels are matching with your need for mobility or not. If you use your wheelchair at outdoor places for a long time, you may need a highly durable tire with your device as it faces various land surfaces. Also a tire should not seek continuous maintenance at all. Consider about using foam-filled tires as wheels as they are not likely to float on surfaces.

Maintenance and the Service of the wheelchair

You have to check whether your new wheelchair is capable of repairing it at home. You can’t send it to third parties as this device is the one you are using to transport. So a less service and maintenance is a must feature to include in the best wheelchair. It has to be more durable.

Wheelchairs are the devices you are using daily to your needs. Consider these ten points when you are buying a new wheelchair, and it will surely help you buy the best match for your condition.

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