What is an STP Wheelchair?


The word “STP”, is basically an abbreviation for “Super Tilt Plus”. Designed and manufactured by Power Plus Mobility Inc., a proudly Canadian company. In addition, The STP wheelchair is one of the highly sought after and greatest selling wheelchairs in Canada.

Tilting the STP Wheelchair


The STP tilts when you press on the tilting mechanism on the stroller handle. We can adjust the tilt angle to a maximum of 50 degrees. There is an indicator with a roll ball on the side of the wheelchair that measures the amount of tilt degree in the wheelchair. The standard tilt off the factory floor is 32 degrees. Normally, you don’t need more than the standard tilt but it can be achieved. There is a little lockout collar with an Allen key for tilt adjustment. We can adjust the tilt angle to a maximum of 50 degrees by adjusting the locking collar on the cylinder. We can also achieve a lower tilt angle by doing the same and adjusting the collar on the cylinder with an Allen key.

STP Wheelchair Smaller turning radius


We try to keep the footprint of the wheelchair as tight as possible so there is a small turning radius. Basically, this can be achieved it by taking the rear axle and moving it forward. Then mounting the caster journals inside the frame to achieve a very tight turning radius.

Predrilled holes on the upper frame for seat belts in STP Wheelchair

Upper frame predrilled holes:The upper frame of the STP has pre-drilled holes at the left and right sides of the frame. Basically, these holes are for the optional seat belt configuration. You no longer need to drill into the frame or mount the seat belts through the back canes. We can mount the seat belt to the frame by securing them to the pre-drilled holes. In conclusion, the option of a 2-point or a 4-point seat belt mounting point is achieved with this feature.

Key Features of the STP wheelchair:

Weight capacity

The STP wheelchair has many key features. STP wheelchair comes standard with a maximum weight capacity of 350lbs, but it can be upgraded to a higher weight capacity up to 600lbs with the heavy-duty package.

Seat-to-floor (STF) configuration

One of the key features of the STP wheelchair is that we can get to 12.25-inch seat to floor height. This is a low seat to floor height for a tilt wheelchair. We can achieve this by giving users an option to self propel the wheelchair with larger rear wheel and still achieve the lowest seat to floor in the market.

Back Angle

We can adjust the back angle of the wheelchair up to 15 degrees. If the STP wheelchair back angle cannot be achieved through the back hardware, we can still adjust it further through the wheelchair back canes.

Back Cane

The STP has a standard back cane height of 26 inches with the capability of adjusting the stroller handles. Basically, we can adjust the stroller handle by pressing the two buttons on the side of the handles. Even with the wheelchair tilted, you can have a comfortable position to handle it in any angle with this option.

Rear Axle

We can move the rear axle of the STP all the way back. The rear axle of the STP wheelchair is also height adjustable. This give s the ability to achieve many different seat-to-floor configurations without any compromises.

Caster and caster journal

We are able to mount the casters on the inside of the wheelchair. This gives the wheelchair a greater footprint for a greater turning radius. This is an ideal setup for a user that is tall and helps stabilize the wheelchair based on their unique accommodation.

Key options of the STP Wheelchair

Front rigging Footrest


There is a latching mechanism at the front of the STP wheelchair that is easy to push. When this mechanism is pushed, it unlocks the front footrest swing it in or out. If you are in a tight area and cannot swing the legs outwards. The front rigging can easily swing in to provide access for the user to get in or out of the wheelchair.


STP comes in black and silver as standard no cost colours. We can achieve any preferred colour if a colour code is available. Basically, there is no limit in colour preferences and customizing the wheelchair for a unique look.


The arm configuration is a no tool adjustment for easy height configuration. Simply pull the trigger under the arm and then adjust the arm height.


The Anti-Tippers have a great option of retracting when not needed. We can retract the anti-tippers down so it avoids the wheelchair from tipping.

Fully removable arms

The arms are also fully removable from the STP wheelchair upper frame. We can achieve this by pressing the pin on the side of the arm closer to the frame and pulling it right up and away. This avoids any interference from the frame while moving the user from a bed to the chair easily from a side transfer perspective.


We have two types of brakes in the STP Wheelchair.

Aluminum Braking system: This type of brakes is great to achieve a lightweight configuration on a wheelchair that isn’t used for any heavy-duty purposes. In other words, its light, easy and provides great braking power when required.

Steel Braking system: The steel braking system adds a bit more weight to the wheelchair but its very durable and great for heavy duty wheelchair configurations.

 There are two different configurations for the brakes.

Pull to Lock Braking system: Pull to Lock Braking system allows the user to pull the brake handle up to engage the brakes. Therefore, this configuration would be ideal for users that prefer the pulling action to lock brakes. This brake system comes with 3 different lengths. We can configure this with a 3, 6, or 9-inch extension based on the user preference.

Push to Lock Braking system: This is the opposite of the pull to lock braking system. The user pushes on the brake handles to engage the brakes. This brake system comes with 3 different lengths. We can configure this with a 3, 6, or 9-inch extension based on the user preference.

How to order an STP Wheelchair?


As a user, you can order an STP wheelchair from any of the authorized Power Plus dealers in Canada. Simply enter your postal code in the link here and search. This will give you all the closest dealers to you. If you are a dealer, simply download the STP wheelchair order form here or on the STP page. The order form is located at the bottom of the page along with other documentations.

Proudly Canadian Manufacturer

Power Plus Mobility is a proudly Canadian wheelchair manufacturer. We provide FREE education based training and up-to-date information in the wheelchair industry. Click here to join our newsletter to keep updated with FREE training and giveaways! If you wish to schedule a free in-house training session of our wheelchairs to your workplace, students, or an institution. Call us Toll Free at 1-(855)-614-0333 or email us at csr@powerplusmobility.com.

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