Power Plus Mobility Inc. Website Changes and updates 2020!

Our new website is now live! We have many updated and new features that has been implemented within the website for our clients and internal system to make things flow in a much easier way. We are trying to reach our goal of making our dealers and clients feel more like Power Plus Mobility is home with our new campaign “Welcome Home” for 2020!

Our team, our dealers and their clients have had an input on our website and we listened. All those feedback from the last website has been updated accordingly.

Some of the new website changes has been and not limited to:

  1. Ease of use for our clients based on a more simplified navigation structure and website theme.
  2. Compressed images for quicker loading time
  3. Changes to the mobile version of the website so it fits according to the device used without comprising performance and Power Plus Mobility standards.
  4. Changes to our literature site where anyone can download only the literature if needed without having to visit the main website.  (For literature website, please bookmark: https://powerplusmobility.com/literature )
  5. A link to any customer support related items. (Please bookmark: https://powerplusmobility.com/support )

Below is a list of new features that were added to the website and they will continue to grow this list as we develop more tools for our dealers and clients:

  1. Seat to Floor Configurator:

Seat To Floor (STF) configurator is an easy way to figure out which STF works with the wheelchairs before they are ordered or to see if a certain STF is possible to achieve. (Please bookmark: https://powerplusmobility.com/stf )

  1. Serial Number Search:

Wheelchair Serial Number Search is an easy way to search for wheelchairs manufactured by Power Plus Mobility going back in history till 2013. You will only need the wheelchair serial number to pull of the information for the wheelchair which includes all its specifications and manufactured date. This also helps with warranty if you want to quickly check if a wheelchair is still under warranty. (Please bookmark: https://powerplusmobility.com/serial )

  1. Find an authorized dealer:

Find an authorized dealer section helps our end users find a local dealer near them by entering an address or simply a postal code.

  1. Educational Videos:

Educational videos by Power Plus Mobility started in 2017 when we wanted to help educate Occupational Therapists and Dealers with our product and its specifications. This website was built in a more Netflix like theme so its educational and easy to navigate. This link will be updated with all our upcoming video series based on our products as well as general information related to the wheelchair industry. (Please bookmark: https://powerplusmobility.com/education )

  1. ADP Reference Guide:

ADP reference guide is a one spot ADP guide where you can learn more about the ADP Ontario program and download ADP related literature directly from this page. We also have an ADP search which lets you know if a product or item we sell is covered by the funding system. (Please bookmark: https://powerplusmobility.com/adp )

  1. AADL Reference Guide:

AADL reference guide is a one spot AADL guide where you can learn more about the AADL Alberta program and download AADL related literature directly from this page. (Please bookmark: https://powerplusmobility.com/aadl )

  1. Online Quoting System:

The Online Quoting System makes it simpler for our dealers and sales representative to create a quick quote for the wheelchairs. This form is also mobile friendly and can be used over a phone or tablet. Once the form is completed and submitted, you will get a confirmation email with the specifications you wanted. You will also get a confirmation from one of our Customer Service Representative with correct discount pricing. Once the order is confirmed, the dealer can simply reply to that email with a Purchase Order number so the quote can be converted into an official order. (All online quoting system links are located at the bottom of the wheelchair page under the heading “Documentation”)

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