Back Extension Pins

Back pins are used to fit a back to the back post of a wheelchair. The pins are usually standard for a standard back on a standard back post. if you have a wider back post and a smaller back, you will need a longer pin depending on how much smaller the back is to the back post.

For a back that is 2 inch shorter than the back post, you will need the 1 inch pin. Once installed the 1 inch pin will give an extra length of 1 inch on each side of the back post so it can reach a 2 inch shorter back. Ex. If you have a 20 inch wide back post and have an 18 inch back, you will need the 1 inch back extension pin.

1.5 Inch extension pins are to fit an odd size back to an even size back post. E.x. If you have a 15 inch back and you have an 18 inch wide back post on your wheelchair. The 1.5 inch extension gives you a total increase of 3 inches.

Correct way to measure a back pin is from the bottom of the head to the beginning of the screw as pictured above. For more information about the back pins and their cost. Please contact customer service either by calling or by email.

PL0004-PStandard Pin3/4″
PL0001-P1 Inch Back Extension1″
PL0003-P1.5 Inch Back Extension1.5″

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