National Cancer Wellness Awareness Day June 26th

It is known that 1 in 2 Canadians is expected to develop cancer in their life. The goal for the Cancer Wellness Awareness Day is to get Canadians effected with cancer personally or with someone close that there are wellness resources in the community and there is always help when needed.

Cancer Wellness, also known as psychosocial care, is a whole-person approach to wellness. It improves all the challenges that come with a cancer diagnosis: fatigue, quality of life, diet, mental health. It empowers people living with cancer to make concrete behavioral, spiritual and physical changes in their lives to help them live well with and through cancer.

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For more information on National Cancer Wellness Awareness Day and how to make a difference, visit their website at:

Call the Living Well with Cancer Network at (514) 695-9355 (Montreal area) or 1-833-274-9355 (toll free)

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