Alzheimer Awareness Month January


Alzheimer Awareness Month: Spreading the word about the 72 percent

January is Alzheimer Awareness Month in Canada and this year, Alzheimer Societies the nation over are urging Canadians to consider the 72%.

Who are the 72%? You may not understand it, but rather women speak to 72% of all Canadians living with Alzheimer’s sickness. That is on the grounds that ladies live longer than men so there are a greater amount of them with this type of dementia, and age keeps on being a huge hazard factor.

Who are these women? They’re our moms, spouses, sisters, grandmas, or companions – perhaps you.

Power Plus Mobility is a wheelchair and wheelchair manufacturing organization and we are pleased to have a lion’s share of our primary executives to be ladies. We take pride in uniformity between both the genders. Womens’ rights are a main consideration to us and we guarantee that we are altogether approached the equivalent with deference and respect. Alzheimer awareness month is important to us because 72% of Alzheimer effects women and we care for womens health.

For more information about Alzheimer Awareness Month please visit the Alzheimer Society Canada’s website  here



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