Getting to know a little bit about our order forms

At Power Plus, we pride ourselves in making our products with the highest grade of quality and engineering which in turn gives a new kind of ability to someone who has a disability. Time is a major factor when a client is in need of a wheelchair. We are trying to get that process a little easier by constantly working with our order forms, cheat sheets and literature for our distributors. We are constantly trying to improve our products and services for our devoted users and distributors.

How can you assure you have the up to date version of the order form?

All our order forms are regulated and created through one source. The order forms are then updated on the website first. They carry a few security features that make it easy for you to figure out if you have the up to date forms with correct pricing and codes.  A revision date is added to the bottom of the order form. This date changes with any new changes done to the order form. The rule of thumb is, if the date is newer than the one you might have. Please replace it with the new version.

Order forms can get confusing as new features are added or when a change is made for better usability and durability of the product. We are constantly listening to you, making changes and updating our forms in a regular basis as we come up with creative ways to make things easy when you order from us.

We are also currently working on an online order form which is currently under testing and tweaking process. We will update you as soon as its available.


Below are a few new features added to order forms as of July 25, 2018 for your convenience and clarification.

  • Frame Colour: All our folding and tilting wheelchairs come with an option for custom colours. These colours are not limited, which means you can give us a specific colour code and we can have the chair customized to that colour. The upcharge for this is only an additional $400.

  • Our STP tilt wheelchair now has two no charge colours added (Burgundy and Blue) to our list of standard colours.

  • Ordering a custom back on our wheelchairs just got a bit easier. Simply choose from one of the back choice and fill out the custom width and height that you require.

  • Our RELAX Form, Snug and Spiral Back now has 16, 18 and 20 as standard heights and all other heights are custom.

  • Pin options on the back are now ¾” Standard and a charge of $40 for 1” Long Pins

  • All back order forms now reflect the same changes done to the custom backs in the Wheelchair Order Forms.

Got any other suggestions on our forms? Feel free to contact us via email at with your input. We are always happy to hear your feedback!


Who are we?

Power Plus Mobility Inc. We are Toronto’s wheelchair manufacturing company.. We design, fabricate and assemble wheelchairs in Brampton. We specialize in custom wheelchair, wheelchair accessories, wheelchair backs and wheelchair cushions. We customize anything in Toronto!

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