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Power Plus Mobility’s line of Power wheelchairs provide top quality performance allowing those using them for easy accessibly with power by their side. Demonstrating that it can take on all of life’s challenges, through using material’s durable and efficient when it comes factors that these mighty power machines will go through. Power is our middle name which is why, these products are built to show the innovation’s that we pride ourselves on. These products are built to last and to perform at maximum effort; so why not POWER up today?



With this classic, Power Plus Mobility has rejuvenated this wheelchair making it ideal for anyone. Considering every aspect needed while adding even more functions that will surely benefit the user. At Power Plus Mobility, just building a simple manual chair was not enough, so instead we strived to create products that will better serve our customers. So far, we are living up to our goal! With a company that stands by its product, Power Plus Mobility promises to deliver exceptional quality and simplicity; meaning a MANUAL may not be required because of it.



Efficiently built, Power Plus Mobility’s Commode line is a promised guarantee with its credible features. We set out with a promise to our customers to create products that stand out and benefit their needs to the best of its abilities. So far, our line of commodes is doing just that while going above and beyond! Each product is special in it’s own way but provide’s all the support one would require. It is assured that our line will be effectively useful for whatever your specialized needs may be. Power Plus Mobility’s commode line will soon be a great COMMOD-ITY to you.



Wheelchairs cannot provide comfortability without some sort of seating. Power Plus Mobility provide cushioning that is appropriate for many situations whether they are critical or substantial. By making our cushions in our plant, we get first hand the quality and stability these seating products can offer. Although some companies leave the seating unnoticed, here at Power Plus Mobility, it is just another vital thing important for our wheelchairs. Offering a variety of seating options, we ensure that these will provide the comfort and support necessary.



Our goal has always been to create a product that our customers could customize to fit all their specific needs. We strive to make products that will truly leave an astounding affect on those who use them. It has been that way since the beginning and we hope to continue to bring our customers products and accessories that we have put all our effort toward. Beware that this is only the beginning and more accessories will be added soon! For now, please enjoy by clicking the button below to view the catalogue.